The following gentle strengthening exercises can help ease lower back pain…

Lower Back Stretch

To perform the lower back stretch safely draw your knees into your chest and hold (from behind your knees). Advantages are only gained from this particular exercise should one ensure the head and shoulders are relaxed and in constant contact with the floor.

Pelvic Tilts

Tip your pelvis up towards your belly button by pulling the abdominal muscles in and flattening the hollow in the small of your back, then tilt the pelvis away from you to increase the hollow in your lower back. To know whether you are performing this exercise correctly, it helps to place your hand (or a pressure feedback device) underneath the small of your back; if you can feel /see pressure is being applied you’re doing it right!

Gluteal Raise

When raising the leg keep your hips in contact with the floor at all times. The foot should ideally only raise between 6-8 inches above the floor.

Perform this exercise slowly as so not to cause arching of the lower back.

The Superman

The Superman is a more advanced version of the gluteal raise, which benefits the same area of the body (abdomen) is The Superman.

Knees Side-to-Side

Pull in tummy muscles before rolling the knees down towards the floor. Only go as far as is comfortable and keep the knees at the same angle throughout the process.

Back Extension

Keep the forearms and hands on the floor and press up gently to raise the head, shoulders and possibly upper chest. Keep the head in line with the spine.