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Is Midlife Exercising Wrecking Peoples Joints?

Exercise is important for us, that much is clear. It helps to get the cardiovascular system working and this helps us to remain in good shape overall. But as we get older, can exercise damage our [...]

The Benefit of Pilates in the Workplace

Are you thinking of introducing a new exercise routine within your workplace? Good! This is a very responsible and beneficial task to undertake, and Pilates in the workplace could be the answer! Busy modern life [...]

The UK’s Most Common Causes of Back Pain

Why is Back Pain Such a Big Problem in the UK? Back pain in the UK seems to be a – well, pain! It is one of the leading causes of conditions such as sciatica [...]

PhysioLeeds run free CPR/AED Courses in Leeds

Improving Access to Life-Saving Training, with free CPR/AED Courses in Leeds. PhysioLeeds ran a free training course on the 5th September 2017 which was attended by fifteen residents from the community of Cookridge, near Horsforth [...]

Musculoskeletal – What Does It Mean?

What is the Musculoskeletal System? This may seem like an extremely complicated word, but the definition and explanation that follows will simplify things for you. The human musculoskeletal system provides stability, support and movement to [...]

Are You Driving Yourself into Poor Posture?

The Hidden Dangers of Spending a Long Time Behind the Wheel! Driving for long periods of time can play havoc on your body. In a similar fashion to sitting at a desk all day, sitting [...]

Myths Busted – Does Physiotherapy Hurt?

  Does Physiotherapy Hurt? Health and fitness has many myths associated with it. These myths can be harmless, but others stop people from getting the help they need or taking action that could improve their [...]

Can Your Child Benefit from Pilates?

The Benefits of Pilates for Children Making sure your child gets enough exercise can be difficult in the modern world. With an emphasis on digital technology coming further into our everyday lives, Gen Z could [...]

The Benefits of Running Backwards

Running in Reverse - The Benefits of Running Backwards Cycle backwards while riding a non-fixed gear bike and you’ll come to a stop, probably fall and meet the pavement. Try running backwards and you may [...]

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